by Heidi Hepler & Michele Ramo

Released 2002
MoonBoat Records
Released 2002
MoonBoat Records
"Voice & Guitar Duo - An extraordinary blend of Classical, Brazilian, Flamenco and Jazz with a touch of the Exotic"
Exciting - Eclectic - Fresh & Hip!

Heidi HEPLER & Michele RAMO
Voice & Guitar Duo
"This is an extraordinary Duo whose intriguing blend of Classical, Flamenco, Latin, Brazilian and Jazz music is beyond category! ...with a touch of the exotic...!" - Detroit Jazz Magazine -

"Hepler and Ramo don't play music - they celebrate music!" -Rhein-Nahe-Zeitung Frankfurt-

"...share with their audiences the spirit and soul of their musical panache." - Queens Tribune NYC 2002-

Michele RAMO (pronounced …
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